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    "A quick paced and intriguing, action-packed story are what Gerald G. Griffin delivers in this no-nonsense, timely novel.

    Trained as a Green Beret but born with unique, almost paranormal abilities, Ron Sheffield carries with him guilt for being the lone survivor of his squad during a mission. Which mission puts into his possession documents the government wishes he'd never seen and tries to kill him for.

    He meets Amber Ash while recovering from a severe beating and gunshot wounds, compliments of the Mafia. It is soon discovered Ash has the same special powers as he and together they hunt down evil for the sake of good.

    But one major threat against the United States may just be the incident that Sheffield and Ash cannot survive, which means the death of millions of others as well. Will Sheffield be able to stop the terrorists and keep Ash and many other innocent people alive?
    An absolute must read! It's not your typical fight between good and evil and the suspense will grab hold of you and keep you turning the pages."

    OF GOOD AND EVIL, both in paperback and e-book format, can be purchased at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other sites online.
    --Starr Reina, Suspense Magazine
    "Author Gerald Griffin displays noteworthy chops in forging this thriller, "Of Good and Evil." His principal characters are vivid, vibrant and troubled, and sufficiently well-crafted to allow readers to root for them. In lesser hands, that many of the main characters are gifted with varying degrees of paranormal perceptivity might detract from other elements of the story, but that's not so in this novel. To his credit, Griffin's handling of those characters' exceptional abilities is understated rather than bombastic. The book's plot gallops from start to finish without a dull moment thanks to the author's excellent sense of pacing. Through lush language and rapt attention to detail, Griffin is particularly adept at setting the scenes in which the characters toil against an array of villains both fictional, and ripped from international headlines. The thriller's gripping climax pits the main characters in an intense race against dwindling time and unspeakable catastrophe to stop a terrorist sleeper cell from annihilating a major American city. As the title suggests, the entirety of this timely story encourages questioning rote notions of good versus evil, from perspectives personal to geopolitical. I'm looking forward to the sequel."
    --Richard Gazala, Vienna, VA USA - Amazon Vine Voice

    "A highly unusual story, thrilling and thought-provoking, filled with richly honed believable characters absorbing readers, leaving them wanting more."
    --Jane Valentine, Widow of Major in USAF

    "A thriller for today, with bad guys ranging from "Low Mafia," to a myopic government even more dangerous for its gross incompetence; to conscienceless Al Qaeda plots to destroy western civilization. A relevant, exciting page-turner that reads like a sharply focused movie. Crisp, clean and clear...spits out action like a Gatling gun in a hard-charging tale making this a great, and essential, read."
    --Jack Kaplan, Playwright

    "This book presents an awakening consciousness not to be denied. Skillfully done with continuity, action and intrigue. Hard time putting this down. I highly recommend."
    --Paul Phillips, Captain, USAR

    "This is an exciting read from a talented writer. A compelling story. Remarkable love. The danger, action, suspense and surprises kept me on pins and needles."
    --Anwin Hart, Former Prima Ballerina

    "A good read. Well-assembled and fast-moving as a brilliant young Green Beret officer, unjustifiably discharged from the military, strives to overcome agonizing guilt brought on by paranormal prescience. Among other troubles, this marks him for death by a treacherous political cell of his government and brings him into conflict with a divinely gifted secret society. Strengthened by a truly wonderful love relationship, he desperately struggles to prevent national disaster by Al Qaeda. Strongly recommended as exciting entertainment that reveals provocative thought on the terrorist threat to the United States."
    --Colonel Rodney Harms, Former British Defence Advisor