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Book Tour Post - "Of Good And Evil" by Gerald G. Griffin

Book Tour post & Interview with Gerald G. Griffin
conducted by Shane Porteous

Shane: I think it is a fair statement to say that any good paranormal thriller must suspend belief but at the same time convince the reader that the written events could actually happen in real life. I know for a fact that "Of Good And Evil" accomplishes this and I must ask how did you go about ensuring this?
"I made certain that the varying degrees of paranormal perceptivity of those characters whom possessed these abilities were understated rather than bombastic, with these exceptional abilities never being flaunted but used only when needed. Otherwise these characters seemed to be attempting to lead normal lives dealing with the conflicts of the real world..To others they always appeared to be normal human beings in normal settings dealing with the normal or unusual problems presented by the world that all human beings have to contend with, and to an extent they were exactly doing this. So much so that after a while the reader  accepts their unusual abilities as a natural part of their lives and become gripped by other aspects of the story.
But who is to say that these written events don't actually happen in real life? That the characters portrayed don't actually represent real people among us? Maybe that's why the story can sound so convincing. Need I say more? In all forms of life there are surprising anomalies!"

Shane: Now I must admit that I have never been a big fan of romance in stories, but of the 100s and 100s of books that I have read in my life, the love between Amber and Ron, the two main characters of your book, was by far the most genuine romance that I have ever read about. How did you go about ensuring their romance felt genuine and not corny?
"I ensured that the romance felt genuine because it was based upon feelings taken from real life, feelings and devotion that would have naturally evolved in the given circumstances rather than being concocted to fit some writing formula. As to it not being corny, let me just say that it is beyond me to write anything corny. Love is not corny, and love is what you get in the book. That's why the romance is genuine."

Shane: Of Good And Evil deals with real world problems that the West is currently facing and yet one does not need to be an expert on such affairs to enjoy the story. Was this an important factor to you when you were writing the book? That you didn't rely too much on information a layman such as myself wouldn't know?
"The short and simple answer is, "Yes." But this is not to imply that I regarded the world problems as something too complicated for the average reader to understand. By no means. Rather, the world problems were inserted only when called for by the plot; inserted in a way that the characters themselves could understand, and thus the readers. This is what was important. Any expertise on the reader's part beyond this was not necessary nor useful."

Shane: One of the many things that make a paranormal thriller great is the ability to accomplish mystery without frustrating the reader. Of Good And Evil does this in spades and I have to know was this an important factor when you were writing this book?
"Not frustrating the reader on any front was certainly important, and that included the mystery element. I feel the reason the mystery was not frustrating was because it was such a naturally developed integral part of the story, some of it so subtle as not to be resolved until the end of the story, but then making sense in terms of what went before."

Shane: The sheer scope of Of Good And Evil is incredibly vast and yet at no time did I feel overwhelmed by it at all while I was reading it. Tell me how did you so flawlessly overcome such pacing problems?
"This is an impossible question to answer in words. The answer is more in  a sensing and feeling that my creative process kept on top of, not the least of which was constant rewriting so as to eventually see and arrive at the true intellectual/emotional story I wanted to write, finally presenting it in such a way that was not overwhelming in understanding, only in impact.

Your question is like asking a champion in the 100 yard dash: "How do you run so fast?!"  There is no answer except to say, "I was born with the ability," It's somehow part of the DNA. A talent used to it's fullest capability. This, in a nutshell, is the answer to your question."

Shane: There is a great deal of maturity to your writing. Would it be a fair statement to say that you did  an awful lot of research before you wrote the novel?
"Not really. The most important thing to me before I began writing the novel was to get some grasp of the story I wanted to write and the characters that would be needed, This required no research. Where the research came in, and there was plenty of it, was when I got into the actual writing,and the story begin taking on a life of its own, requiring research to meet its demands so as to be understood in a coherent fashion."

Shane: Your book deals with the concept of Good vs Evil, admittedly a concept that has been debated through the ages. How did you keep this debate so fresh and fairly handled in your book?
"It was fresh and fairly handled because I tied the concept into current events from personal to geopolitical, but in a gripping and innovative questioning way that has rarely, if ever, been considered before, such as when is evil good and good evil, intermixed with    an uplifting and remarkable spiritual possibility near the end of the novel."

Shane: As mentioned before, the story deals with both real world events and fictional events. Was there any difficulty in putting your own personal beliefs aside to tell the story?
"Definitely. But my creative process, dedicated to the integrity of the book, prohibited any blatant expressions of my personal beliefs, though I believe a few subtly crept in at times through a couple of my characters. But when they did it was for a needed emphasis in the story, why my creative process allowed it through."

Shane: Symbolism plays an important part in this book. When you were writing this story was that an important factor  to you or did it just happen naturally when you were writing the story?
"It happened naturally when it was seen to add to the compelling mystique of the story; put in with the grace of a surgeon."

Shane: Finally, is there anything special you'd like your prospective readers to know about your novel?

"Yes. For this occasion, my creative process allows this through:

If my novel were a meal, it would be succulent. A rare taste to savor!

Aside from this, I would like to emphasize to my prospective readers what you have already mentioned about Of Good And Evil in your questions. From you:

My thriller aptly suspends belief, but at the same time convinces the reader that its written events could actually happen in real life.

The ROMANCE between Amber and Ron is by far the most genuine romance that you have ever read.

Of Good And Evil accomplishes MYSTERY in spades.

The sheer scope of the novel is incredibly vast, but not overwhelming.

The concept of good and evil is presented in a fresh perspective and contains intriguing symbolism.

To what you have mentioned, let me just add: the novel is a dynamite of SUSPENSE --- shooting out fire like a Gatling gun! As Starr Reina of Suspense Magazine concludes in her review of my book: "...the suspense will grab hold of you and keep you turning the pages. An absolute must read!"

And too, I would especially like my prospective readers to know what another reviewer, Rick Friedman, Founder, The James Mason Community Book Club, said in his review of my novel, and I quote:

"In creating the character of Ron Sheffield, Gerald Griffin has proven himself to be a writer of extraordinary skills. Of Good And Evil is a novel that is so finely written, so well plotted and paced, that the reader is immediately drawn into the book from the first page. That Mr. Griffin is able to use mere words to introduce the reader to Ron Sheffield is nothing short of breathtaking --- it is not often that a writer can make so complex a character, a person with such internal torments and external gifts, resonate so perfectly with a plot and locations that keep the reader glued to the book from start to finish.


And Lastly, I would like to quote our host from his review of my book:

"It truly boggles my mind the sheer caliber of talent this author (Gerald G. Griffin) possesses. It is extremely rare to find such a skilled writer. Of Good And Evil is not only the best paranormal thriller I have ever read period, it is also one of the best books that I have ever read. Of Good And Evil is such a marvelous tale that you don't even have to be a fan of its specific genre to enjoy it, and to me that is the mark of a brilliant story."

Of Good And Evil by Gerald G. Griffin

Ron Sheffield, an ex-Green Beret discharged from the Army for going crazy, has discovered top secret terrorist documents endangering his life by an unsavory White House political cell, the documents revealing al Qaeda plans threatening the existence of Western civilization. He also possesses uncanny mental talents which enabled him to survive fierce covert battles in the Middle East while the men serving under him perished, these tortured memories leaving him distraught with merciless guilt to the point of suicide---staved off only by desperate "hiding" activities. 

This potent mixture of documents, guilt, hiding and uncanny abilities, combined with Ron's remarkable and irrepressible love affair with Amber Ash---who saves Ron's life through talents similar to his own---propels the two down volatile paths of relentless danger, troubles and confrontations defining their destiny, including, among other things: sanity-saving killings; Ron having no choice but to become a specialized Mafia hit man; a White House plot on Ron's life; conflicts with a divinely gifted secret society headed by Amber's billionaire father; acquiring the specifics of the 9-11 terrorist attacks beforehand, but the attempt at warning ignored; disturbing honeymoon intrigue; devastating discovery of who really orchestrated the U.S. invasion of Iraq; struggles to thwart Bin Laden's startling scheme of global domination; frustrating hindrances to cornering the most important and dangerous terrorist alive---not Bin Laden, rendering success of the pursuit bleak; frightening dreams prophesying disturbing reality; and a fight against the impossible to prevent the nuclear obliteration of a large American city. 

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