Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My review of RASCISS by Shane Porteous


For you innovative fantasy fans and lovers of good stories, I thought it would be informative and helpful to present you with my following review of an excellent novel by Shane Porteous.

In RASCISS, Shane Porteous skillfully immerses the reader in a poignant and immaginative dark fantasy tale pitting the gods against an unnusual mortal. A well-crafted action ride keeping one turning the pages.

This amazing story begins when Hollowawk, an ordinary man, defies certain death, angering the king of all gods, Ganius, who then becomes angrier when Hollowawk butchers those the gods send to kill him, earning him the name of the Red Immortal. Ganius, now apopletic, summons the gods of war to choose a being mighty enough to kill the Red Immortal in order to rectify destiny's blunder.

To escape the gods' wrath, Hollowawk, accompanied by a troop of fourteen man-creature warriors, begin a dangerous and frightening journey to seek the help of Obuvik, the last of the anti-gods imprisoned for eternity by Ganius in a hellish desert, there mourning through all the ages the loss of his fallen love, the goddess Vickeriia, daughter of Ganius. However, before traveling to this formidable desert, the Red Immortal must first acquire the crucial items insuring that he and his warrior troop will survive in its killer heat, then find the body of Vickeriia and bring it back with them to give to Obuvik for his favor.

After traveling long and far over strange terrains both treacherous and astonishing to secure these items, Hollowawk's troop wards off vicious attacks almost taking their lives before they locate the goddness' tomb and find her casket. Then through a portal provided by a mystic, the troop carries the casket to Obuvik's desert --- the 'endless barren', a sea of dead sand and furious winds beneath a fiery sun; a lifeless sinister land forgotten, uncivilized and chaotic, without nightfall and without exit.

For exhaustive months, painstakingly keeping Vickeriia's casket from sinking forever in the weak sand, the Red Immortal's troop labors on in their dreary march across the unforgiving desert in search of Obuvik. When the troop is beyond breaking point, Obuvik, pathetic and diseased, sensing Vickeriia's presence, finds Hollowawk and his warriors, breaking into uncontrollable sobbing as he gazes upon the beauty of his fallen beloved, deprived of this sight for hundreds of centuries. Contrary to what Hollowawk had hoped for, Obuvik couldn't be of help to the Red Immortal in his impossible task of defeating the gods, but does direct him to a nearby temple that possibly holds his only hope.

Once in the temple, Hollowawk is suddenly confronted with his would-be assassin, the Ghost of Grigger Grove, a damned non-mortal being even the gods dread. The two clash in a bitter battle to the death, the ghost relentless in his onslaught, easily fending off Hollowawk's best efforts, appearing too great to be bested, leaving the Red Immortal feeling he was fighting God himself and it was only a matter of time before God became bored and destroyed him!

From here, an astonishing ending.

RASCISS contains profound offerings, and yes, compassion and fleeting love, making this book a special read. Its refreshing narrative derives from excellent writing invigorating the subject matter with dynamic mood and a compelling touch.

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