Monday, July 11, 2011

Online Exhaustion

Rats! Another day of online exhaustion. If you're an author, and are marketing online, you undoubtedly know what I'm talking about. Now, at the end of the day and into the night, I feel fatigued and my eyes are a bit blurry. But at least I had a lovely dinner and a visit from my favorite dog.

The morning started off enthusiastically enough. For the sake of my book, I began my daily online marketing (not too blatant, of course; you must keep your promotional urges for your work under control in this sea of survival), hitting Facebook, Goodreads, LinkedIn, Twitter, Librarything, Amazon, a few Groups on some of these, and other assorted sites, always wondering if I was doing myself and my novel any good. But in this world of author online marketing, you don't dare not do it. Ah, if it wasn't so. A necessary evil, but massively time-consuming; and exhausting!

But at times it can be uplifting. More so with the inspiring cyber friends I have found, sharing with me, helping me, encouraging me on, and I doing likewise with them, breaking up the tedium with spurts of appreciative fellowship. And the necessary reviews of my book, and my energetic reviews of others' books, have come from my online work.

I look forward to reviewing the books of my cyber friends. For example, RASCISS, by Shane Porteous; and THE INDEPENDENT ME, by Jude Arnold. Good books! And there are others.

However, this pace, being online day and night, does take its toll. I'd rather be without the pace, but I can't do this. I love my readers.


  1. I agree with the exhaustion piece, but its sort of addicting as well!

  2. Couldn't agree more, Gerald (he says at 11:30PM!). Great article. Thanks. Now where's that dog . . .

  3. I am totally with you about the online exhaustion. I almost got rid of my data plan on my phone today, in fact...but just couldn't do it.

    ;) Heidi